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Empress Rose Legacy LLC & Dry And Cool Wear LLC

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Empress Rose Legacy LLC & Dry And Cool Wear LLC
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Erica Ruffin Marshall was born and raised in Miami, Florida. I am a woman of faith, proud mother, businesswoman, author, second Black American female police sergeant in the history of the Miami Beach Police Department and a widow. I worked as a police officer for 18 years before becoming a police sergeant and retiring.

Empress Rose Legacy was birthed from the ashes of pain from my great loss. From despair and depression to renewed faith, health and love. After the death of my husband, I found myself in a state of numbness with a dark mindset.

As a retired police sergeant, wife and mother it was very difficult to get back on my feet. Through a web of caring networks (family & friends support, faith, counseling, work & business relationships); I was able to recreate a new mindset of positive thinking, health, joy, success, prosperity and love for life for myself and my family.

God's grace and mercy allowed me to be here on earth sharing with you my story and leaving a legacy. God has blessed me with a vision to help others and especially first responders. As a retired first responder myself of 18 years, I wanted to make a difference, help others and give back. 
This was how Empress Rose Legacy was born.

 We are continuing to develop and expand our vision for our business in three major areas, to assist those who have gone through a traumatic event and need temporary assistance moving forward: 

1: Our Housing Program.


2: Our Counseling Program


3. Our Outreach Program is currently under development.


Empress Rose Legacy knows how a loss, can knock you off your feet. We want to offer you the tools necessary through temporary housing, counseling and community outreach to first responders, and those in need as they transition/ work through their trauma.  You may not need all three services, we understand, but we do believe strongly that everything starts in the mind. So, to be connect with our program, counseling is a must for all clients who receives our services. 

I am seeking to partner with likeminded business owner for long term relationships. Through networking and creating partnerships with other organizations, collectively we can offer services to assist those in need. To become a partner, feel free to email us at: Office:470-673-8821 Fax:470-819-5140. 


I wrote an inspirational book  called " The Birth Of Empress Rose, I Want To Live And Love Again" book, tells of my great story. As you read through the pages, my prayer is that it will inspire you and allow you to see that the reality of your circumstances does not have to be your end. Through the grace of God and changing your mindset you can re-create a new reality for yourself, just as I did. Know that you can overcome life challenges.    


I also wrote the workbook called, " The Birth Of Empress Rose, I Want To Live And Love Again", workbook exercises will help you develop the mindset you need to live the life you desire and deserve. Through self-evaluation, challenging and if needed changing your mindset, we want to uplift, motivate and inspire you, to walking into your destiny. 

 To purchase the Book & Workbook, please visit:

We believe in empowering you to be the best version of yourself you can be. We believe you can reach your full potential and create a life of positive thinking, health, success, prosperity and love. It all starts in the mind, by loving yourself and we believe in you.

I am also the founder & CEO of:  " Dry and Cool Wear " .  We started out as "DACBW- Dry And Cool  Baby Wear" but prior to lunching the grand opening, we expanded our business to provide apparel & accessories to children and adults. 

DCW - We believe in keeping your whole family dry and cool while being active.  We carry Quick Dry clothing line & accessories  for the whole family. We are open for business and ready to serve you as of: May 12, 2022. 

Currently, 100 % of all the proceeds from the sell of our baby blankets will be donated to St. Jude Children Research Hospital. Please see attached link: 

Visit our website: or
Email us at:
Fax: 470-867-6817.

2004- Completed Crisis Intervention 
2005- Completed Advance Training in Investigation Interview
2007-Completed Advance Training in Community & Human Relations & Team Building
2015- Completed International Association Of Police Leadership in Police Organization 
2017-Completed through (IACP) curriculum for Women leadership / 2017, Coordinated & Hosted the 1st Miami Beach Women's Leadership brunch 
2018- Certified General Instructor.
2022- Master Certified Transformation Coach

2016-2018 My Businesses : Grateful Outreach Charity Inc. & Dry And Cool Baby Wear:  We fed families, organized & supervised Thanksgiving and Christmas turkey giveaways, provided furniture, & clothing  to adult living facilities, battered women & children shelters and supported missionaries and families in Africa and Ethiopia.