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  • We're celebrating YOU all month long! It' Member Appreciation Month at IAW and we're giving away prizes valued $20,000. Check out the full list of giveaways below and be sure to enter for any items you're interested in. Member Appreciation Month ...

  • Hello! We're thrilled to see you connecting in the IAW Community. To help set you up for success, please review these tips/reminders: Post your message in the most appropriate community. The main IAW Community is the place to reach all IAW members. ...

  • Good evening Tammara, Welcome to IAW and congratulations for taking a big step toward reaching your personal, professional, and financial goals. Defining and achieving SMART Goals will enable you to create greater value for your clients and exceed their ...

  • Hello, my goal for the next three months is to find support with my goals. Also it is to get my story out so that I may share my experiences, get feedback and have a more human outlook about things. Please contact me for your shows ladies. spiritmadden@gmail.com ...

  • I really enjoyed both Rose Loundsbury and Dr. Adia's presentations. I found myself thinking about what their message was and how I could incorporate that into my life. The entire Summit was absolutely fantastic and I hope there are more Summit events ...

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  • IAW Pillar Pods | Accountability Groups for IAW Members

    We're going to be piloting a new program for IAW members this month. Accountability partners are a great way for you to stay on track with your goals. 

    IAW Pillar Pods are designed to pair you up with like-minded women with similar goals so that you can stay on top of your to-do list. 

    Submit the form by September 5th to sign up!
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    Upon logging in, you may notice that your "old" IAW profile was not pushed over to this new site. 

    If you would like us to merge your IAW profile from the old site into this new site, please submit this form (select Copy bio from previous IAW website).

    You may also request a profile review via this form.

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