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When:  Aug 23, 2022 from 08:00 PM to 09:00 PM (TH)
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Aug 23, 08:00 PM - 09:00 PM (TH)


One of the most common frustrations people face today is feeling stuck in their lives, their current situation, and the challenges life has thrown their way. Ever felt that way? Like you’re stuck on the proverbial hamster wheel and don’t know how to find the exit…

On Tuesday, August 23rd, the IAW Global Chapter will host Lynn Howard, who will share a roadmap to becoming unstoppable. She’ll help you understand the keys to overcome adversity, how to break out of your circumstances, and how to define success.

  • 8:00 pm BKK | Introductions
  • 8:10 pm BKK | Guest Speaker, Lynn Howard
  • 8:45 pm BKK | Share Your Ask

Meet Our Guest Host | Lynn Howard

Leadership and Entrepreneurship run through Lynn's veins.  Howard has started and sold many businesses across the globe for over 20+ years, led global organizations as a COO in 26 countries, and has been on leadership boards of NGOs with a global footprint & impact!  As an Entrepreneurial Coach/Consultant, Howard has worked with thousands of Entrepreneurs, Coaches, and Consultants over the years across the globe to help them get out of their way and create the business and lives they crave!

There is, and always has been, a passion that burns deep inside her to be a change agent, a thought leader, and to move the world forward.  As a natural leader, Howard has always seemed to take charge, create an impact and support the growth of those around her.  People and possibilities are at her core, the knowing, the creating, and everything in between.

Even though taking control might have come easy to her, Howard didn’t always have the tools or at least understand and apply them.   Rolling up her sleeves, bootstrapping businesses when needed, and making sh*it happen is how she got to where she is.  Howard also understands the world differently, has empathy and an inner drive to create a culture and mindset shift, to get people out of their everyday complacency, or what the “norm” is, and step into a better version of themselves in their life and business.

The International Association of Women (IAW) is a global in-person and online professional networking platform that provides women with the forum, education, and services to thrive in an interconnected world.

IAW members have diverse backgrounds, beliefs, perspectives, and lifestyles, but with one common bond - their ability to succeed. Through local chapters and events, our community empowers members to realize their dreams, acquire the connections and knowledge needed to rise, and help them build better work-life integration and the confidence vital to lead.


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