• 1.  I don't want to give up

    Posted 10-07-2021 12:09 PM

    Hello! I'm new to IAW and have already met awesome/wonderful people. Flying solo certainly feels pretty lonely sometimes, so networking helps a lot.

    I am in need of recommendations, but please, read my post completely so you don't recommend things that I have already tried.

    I started my business last year. My ideal clients are physicians, more specifically independent specialists that have a good budget to pay for my services. I help physicians how to show up authentically on their social platforms by simplifying their message on video (especially, Reels and TikToks) so they can attract and retain more patients. I build an effective sustainable strategy that they can do on their own and/or with their staff. I am NOT a social media manager. I did that for a while and I really did not like clients treating me like their assistant. I am very proud of what I do and I know my worth.

    This is the thing--------- I CANNOT find (enough) clients. I don't have a big network/connections in the real world. My efforts are being blocked by the physician's gatekeepers.

    1-I call, no matter how many times, they are "not interested", they will "call me back", they "don't need social media"...etc.etc.
    2-Show up in person, and if they allow me in (because with covid restrictions they ask patients to check-in from the car), it's the same thing: gatekeepers. And they are busy, I get it. I hate showing up unannounced, but that's the only option because no one wants to talk to me on the phone for an appointment.
    3-I send introductions and a pitch via social media, BUT, I know that most of the doctors don't manage their accounts, so I'm again, facing a gatekeeper, or worse, my competition.
    4-Engaging on their social media posts? Same thing: their managers don't care.
    5-I have offered (although I have to admit that I haven't tried consistently)  my services for free in exchange for a review. I'm NOT a fan of this. I have to pay bills.
    6-Joining private groups is impossible because their groups are exclusive to medical professionals and they deny my JOIN requests. 
    7-Same thing with in-person events (not a lot of them during covid). These events are exclusive to professionals in the medice field.
    8-I have acquired some emails and started email campaign with freebies, social media news, resources, etc., and the Open Rate is terrible.
    9-Have done Facebook ads offering a free resource as a lead generation campaign, and the results are terrible as well. The medical audience is extremely expensive too.
    10-I have offered webinars, workshops, guides....all for free. But since they are not seeing my efforts, I am not seeing results.

    I NEED TO get IN FRONT of physicians: face to face, on the phone. And I know there must be a way. There must be :(

    Does anyone have at least ONE suggestion?


    This is my Instagram. I'm constantly praised for putting so much effort into my posts and the information I provide. BUt that's literally it.


    That's it! Thakn you for reading, and I look forward to hearing your suggestions/ideas ☺️


    Milka Horst

  • 2.  RE: I don't want to give up

    Posted 10-12-2021 05:27 PM
    Hi Milka,

    Thanks so much for your transparent post. It resonates with me as a new business owner targeting professional women as well. Here's my recommendation: find that ONE doctor who sings your praises and is ready to make super warm, one-to-one introductions. That introduction looks like a calendar invite sent from the doctor friend to their doctor friend with you as an invited guest to talk about this specific topic - not just a connection on LinkedIn.

    Of course, this works better when you have a few doctors willing to do the same thing. But truly, starting with one doctor who is willing to give you the warmest possible introduction into this exclusive, busy, work-focused, highly-stressed, super-stretched inner circle profession is key. That'll probably require the level of transparency you provided here in a one-on-one, heart-to-heart conversation with your doctor friend/happy client.

    As background, I was just counseled by a financial guru, business-building rock star to focus on building revenue through more one-on-one meetings to let people know what I'm doing and less ads or social media profile raising. Hope this helps.


    Karla J. Aghedo, Esq.
    Founder & CEO
    Houston Wellness Workshops for Women (H3W)
    Houston, TX

  • 3.  RE: I don't want to give up

    Posted 10-19-2021 08:48 PM
    Thank you so much, Karla! Will I see you at the Zoom today? :)

    Milka Gizele Horst
    Digital Marketing/Social Media Specialist for Independent Physicians and Healthcare/Wellness Professionals
    Houston, TX, USA