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When:  May 17, 2022 from 06:00 PM to 06:45 PM (PT)
Community:   Houston

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May 17, 06:00 PM - 06:45 PM (PT)


Business leaders and team members like to give to their communities. It can help to boost employee morale, attract new employees, build stronger customer relationships, and increase your own self-confidence! By giving to others, you can receive so much in return.

On Tuesday, May 17th, IAW DFW & Houston will host Deidra O’Neal who will share tips on aligning your passion, purpose, and profit through your own philanthropic efforts.

  • 6:00 pm | Introductions
  • 6:10 pm | Tips & Round Table Discussion
  • 6:40 pm | Share Your Ask

Meet Our Guest Host | Deidra O’Neal

Deidra O'Neal is a native of Los Angeles and cherishes her childhood memories of being exposed to many learning opportunities that allowed her to form connections and explore interests that shaped her future. As a working wife and a mother raising her young family in suburban America, Deidra realized that her children and others lack the cultural knowledge, self-pride, and necessary life skills that living in the inner-city offers. This realization led her to establish the celebrated nonprofit YBS Kids in 2019.  She currently resides in Plano with her family.

The International Association of Women (IAW) is a global in-person and online professional networking platform that provides women with the forum, education, and services to thrive in an interconnected world.

IAW members have diverse backgrounds, beliefs, perspectives, and lifestyles, but with one common bond - their ability to succeed. Through local chapters and events, our community empowers each member to realize their dreams, acquire the connections and knowledge needed to rise, and help them build better work-life integration and the confidence that is vital to lead.


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