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Well Hello Beautiful! It is my pleasure to represent a company that understands the importance of creating a balance between being a feminine woman within Modern day society.  I like to think of us as the New Age Queens (and Princesses).  Long gone are the days of a women thriving in her feminine energy viewed as weak, helpless, or meek.  We are advocates, supporters, and healers!  

Tiferet, Inc. is enthusiastic to share companies & brands that can accompany you on this feminine journey. Release is our beauty brand!  This unique membership based salon allows you to select a budget that works for you to keep your hair nails and skin on point! In addition to that you have a set appointment (which rewards you an in and out service with zero wait time), fits your personal calendar, and affords you the ability to even have your service provider come to you! You can tell fabulous hair is just the icing on the cake. 

Plus One Realty & Design Group is our hospitality, real estate sales, development, and design brand! Let our team find your new home, mixed use, or investment property. Are you ready to sell?! Well discover the three services we provide that no other realtor in DC does that gets your house sold faster for the exact price you want!  Found your dream location and need to build or want to recreate your space. Let our development and design team take you every step of the way.

Join Tifarah Ruth; your fairy g-dmother, bi-weekly on YouTube Thursdays at 9pm as she helps you rediscover while becoming a wife; coupled with other feminine values, should be your number one leveling up goal! In this annual series she guides marriage minded women on how to get engaged within six months! From 1:1 consultations to special wife guests appearances, Tifarah invites you into the Fairy Garden to get your love life growing. Next season begins Nov 18th!

Tiferet Inc is also very proud to be the corporate sponsor of The Interfaith Primary School of North America. This multi-religious pluralistic school has taken education to a whole new level! From Project Based Learning (PBL) to ensuring every student has an IEP, their approach to curating a custom curriculum ensures students are actually retaining information vs just memorizing it. Teaching every religious/spiritual group educationally vs devotionally, every student has the opportunity to grow deeper and feel more connect to their own religion while also learning about the similarities between others. This innovative approach to traditional religious school ensures students learn compassion for other rather than tolerance.