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  • Share your social media links today to help increase your followers! I'll start , thanks in advance for following www.facebook.com/HelenMorganAtAmericasFinestRealEstate/ ------------------------------ Helen Morgan IAW Orland Park ...

  • Angela & Helen - I'm glad we discussed the importance of having a professional looking LinkedIn profile. I know mine could use an update as mine looks like a "resume" as well plus I need to incorporate my side business that aligns with my main business. ...

  • I'm glad we discussed this again at our leadership meeting. I have asked on our Leadership Team Form submitted tonight for support in this area as well. Hopefully we will have a LinkedIn specialist reach out soon. Anyone else need help in this area? ...

  • Yes... having some assistance in this area will be super helpful. Mine looks like "resume"...so I definitely need a "re-do". :-) ------------------------------ Angela Foster Chicago IL 7734806916 ------------------------------

  • Great summer reading book suggestions! I will be sure to add these to my list. Keep them coming... :-) ------------------------------ Angela Foster Chicago IL ------------------------------

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