Abbigail Davidson

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My passions: Community. Continuing education. Providing a one-stop business solution that brings about efficiency, manageability, and production. Innovation. Client results.

I am an active member of Sigma Tau Delta. (English Honor Society)

I am a Core Member of T.H.E. Roundtable.

In my professional career, I have worked at Fortune 500 companies in various industries in the areas of web development, UI/UX, IT – Infrastructure, and marketing. I have held upper management roles as I was promoted during my ascent in climbing the corporate ladder. In those roles, I demonstrated my industry experience as I along with my team implemented proven innovative ideas that improved websites, databases, and the overall user’s experience using methods that drove traffic, conversions, and thereby revenue eight or more times the initial marketing spend. I have since been blessed to shatter the glass ceiling and own a tech company and a remote call center simultaneously. One of the things that we are most known for at Shinedelight is our flawless execution technique as we provide an excellent client experience.

I am most known for my attention to detail, patience, and ability to teach. I am an avid reader, writer, and love to engage in dialogue around literature topics that if nothing else, we get to ask some fantastic questions.