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Stand on your Strengths: Using Moxie to Achieve Your Goals - A RECAP

  • 1.  Stand on your Strengths: Using Moxie to Achieve Your Goals - A RECAP

    Posted 10-19-2021 12:20 PM
    Hello fellow IAWers!

    Thank you so very much for sharing your morning with me to discuss Moxie and Strengths, and how we can put them together for the perfect recipe to achieve our goals. If you were part of the discussion, I'd love to hear from you and continue the discussion. For those that missed it, we had several questions that we posed and I would love to hear from you as well; how you use your moxie and what you feel your strengths to be.

    Folks went to VIA Character Strengths Survey & Character Reports to take a quick survey assessment to rank their strengths. They then could go to my website to download the worksheets to help guide them through activities to work on different strengths and put them towards specific goals. I have attached these worksheets here for your convenience. I've added a few more to help you with your goals.

    Here are some of the questions. I would LOVE to continue this conversation with all of you! Feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions or if you need further information.

    • When during your life have you felt that Moxie kick in – where your state of flow and passion/purpose intersected?
    • What do you think your top 5 strengths are without taking the assessment first?
    • What strengths to you feel you need to work on?
    • Who still needs to realize they have moxie?
    • What is one top goal that you can utilize this perfect recipe to make it happen?

    Dana Piscopo, CPRC, CFAA, MVCLE, IHMC
    CEO and Founder
    Color Your Life, LLC
    King of Prussia, PA