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Support & Feedback Request - New Website - Thriving

  • 1.  Support & Feedback Request - New Website - Thriving

    Posted 06-06-2021 06:25 AM
    Hello everyone and happy Saturday. This is Carmen Marshall speaking to you from my vacation spot in sunny Florida. Many have accuse me of always working and I must agree. I mean, it's my happy space. I love life and love connecting with people.
    I greatly need your help as I have redesigned my website that is focused on thriving beyond breast cancer. Here I feature my first book as well as my YouTube channel of short videos of inspiration.
    My ask of you is if you would visit my website, click on the links, and share your contact information with me. Even while vacationing in Florida, a woman seated down a seat from me at the bar was an attorney, 32 years old with a set of five year old twins who recently completed eight surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation. I listened as she shared her story and realize breast cancer is starting to affect women at a younger age.
    Don't wait till October to get your annual mammogram. Know your breast density and what your risk factors are. Advocate for your wellness and find doctors who will listen to you. Lastly, let me know if you would like to be considered as a partner featured as a resource. Definitely planning on contacting Phila Chapter VP Kristen because we all need glamour shots.

    Carmen Marshall
    Chief Visionary
    Thriving Beyond
    +1 856 938 8190